The weather is always beautiful for all events that we hold!


We are a family friendly club and pride ourselves on this value. The club has been running for many years and is still growing. The club was conceived in the late nineteen-eighties (the exact date has been lost in the mists of time) and caters for everything from members’ fish and chip seaside visits to greenlaning days and even a spot of fund-raising thrown in.

Our members come from all over South Wales (even some in England), are aged from 2 to 92 and come from all walks of life! Ownership of a Land Rover is not necessary for joining the club - all enthusiasts are welcome! No matter where you are, we will welcome you! 

Although we need a management team to keep on top of everything, SWLRC is all about its members - our motto: "It's Your Club". We rely on our members more than anything, not only to turn up at meetings and events etc., but to provide new and fresh ideas to keep everyone satisfied.

With open minds and family friendly atmosphere there should be something for everyone and you are actively encouraged to get involved! If you think that you'd like to own a Land Rover and want to be convinced then come along and meet us!