New website


Our existing website has served us well for many years now, but like many of us is starting to show signs of old age, and being a little contankerous on occasions. As such, we have spent the Autumn and Winter evenings working on a replacement!

The new site is very much evolution rather than revolution, so should not frighten any of our members, and incorporates all of the tried and trusted elemenents of our existing site, whilst improving some of the more awkward features!

  • Those members unable to remember a username or password (and more frequently both) can now request these details via the site! Admittedly this does require one to remember their own email address, but we cross our fingers, say a little prayer and hope for the best! 
  • Many have thought that uploading an image to the members' gallery involves witchcraft, but this has now become simple!
  • Bored of a static, never-changing homepage? Our homepage is now a news page, and will be updated to give visitors and members alike news of all that has happened, currently happening, and intended to happen, so that everyone can join in!
  • Want your own article on the homepage? Members can easily create and submit an article! 
  • Down with the kids and just want to surf the interweb on your phone? Clutter has been banished to allow for larger text areas, so stories should now be visible to all but the most shortsighted - without wincing! 
  • Our Events section has been made clearer, so it's easier to plan to meet us!

As we always say though - you get more out of the club if you get involved, so if there's something additional that you would like to see then let us know, and we'll look into incorporating this too! Our emphasis has been about creating a functional website that retains the existing functionality of the old site, whilst no longer making its creaking sounds. Additional content will follow!