Have the lengthening days started you thinking, like us, about long summer days and camping? Then why not sign up to join us on the weekend of Friday 15 to Sunday 17 June, when we will be winding our way westward to the Ancient City of St. David's in Pembrokeshire? (We obviously won't be travelling in a straight line though - the journey could possibly go as far north as Mid-Wales...).

We'll be running two trips - the Planned and Unplanned trips!

As per last year's Unplanned trip to Anglesey we will hopefully find a campsite along the way, and if not, no doubt find a layby where we can stop! Caravans are obviously not allowed as this trip is only for hardy souls!

The planned trip, on the other hand, will be for those that complained continuously all the way to Anglesey last year about cold tents and slowly deflating mattresses. Caravans will be used on this trip! Campsites will also be arranged prior to setting off to make sure that there are electrical hook-ups, staff to blow gently on overly hot food, etc.

What type of person are you - the kind tha takes a Planned or Unplanned trip?

See the forum for further details and to add your name!



A Kendall Road Run 2014 preview

Photo supplied by A Kendall / Shenstone photography

Have you ever visited the Royal Welsh Sping show and thought "What this show really needs is more Land Rovers!"? So have we, and that's why we approached the organisers and asked if we could help them out by displaying our vehicles for them.

The organisers have come back very positively, and so on the weekend of 19 - 20 May the club will be found in Builth, both on display, and putting on displays in the main ring. The message that we're putting forward is the good done by 4x4s in the countryside, i.e. persuing gentle greenlaning, helping out folk in times of troublesome weather, etc., rather than the all too often depicted image of wanton destruction of the countryside by brainless idiots.

As an extra incentive the show coincides with Harry and Meghan's wedding, so it's handy if you want to avoid that too!

We are hoping to put up around thirty to fifty vehicles. If you want to participate - whether it be as a member of SWLRC, or a local member of a national club then let us know! You'll be vey welcome.





It's nearly the end of January, and how many people's New Year's Resolutions have collapsed, or are prooving harder to keep then expected? Good intentions of eating more healthily, or drinking less altogether can be a lot trickier than expected, but there is one easy thing that everyone can do to make this year better than the last - join a club of like minded individuals doing something that you enjoy! Now, I'm not saying that it has to be a Land Rover club that you join, but it might certainly be a good idea if you're interested enough in Solihull's finest products to have visited the site!

Curry Night


Show season is over for another year, and members are grudgingly accepting that whilst it's atmospheric to have a barbeque in the dark, it's probably better that we move indoors and have a non-butaney smelling meal! To that end it has been proposed that we hit the bright lights of Cardiff and have a curry! It's not as easy as slumping into a tent a few feet away at the end of the night, and the evening is definitely poorer without dogs and frisbys, but on the plus side there's no chance of running out of alcohol, or having forgotten a cork-screw!

Saturday 14 October has been put forward as a likely date - head over to the forum to sign up!



Club members' vehicles pose for one final photo at the end of the Big Welsh Car Show 2016


The last two years has seen the Big Welsh Car Show take place at Margam Park. This year it's all change as the show moves to its new venue at Chepstow Racecourse.

Haynes MM

One club member was approached by museum staff, who seeing the Land Rover t-shirt asked him if he knew who had parked the ambulance outside!


It’s been a busy few weeks within the club!

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Photo courstesy of Haynes International Motor Museum

Mid-August, and the last Bank-holiday before Christmas looms ominously! What will you do with that extra day off? What if it rains and ruins your outdoor plans?


 A previous visit: dressing as a land girl is optional.


Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  -   George Eliot