Folk lore tells us that the idea for the Land Rover came when Maurice Wilks strolled along the coast at Red Wharf Bay with his brother Spencer. Maurice sketched the outline of the vehicle in the sand, and the rest is history!

Last year as the sun set on our Road Run camp fire, conversation turned to how the club should celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the above walk, and creation of the centre-steer. A drive from South to North Wales was decided, and the freely-flowing alcohol encouraged those of us with older vehicles to jump onboard the plan!

Over the past twelve months some flesh has been added to the bones of the idea, and two groups are planned for driving to Anglesey - the planned and unplanned convoys!

On Friday 16 June interprid explorers will set off from a yet to be decided Cardiff location, heading for Anglesey. Not an overly tricky challenge for those in newer, comfier, vehicles, but cocking a hat to more historic members, we plan to stop mid-Walesish on the Friday night for further progress on Saturday! Being an unplanned tour, that's as much as we currently know!

We don't have any takers yet for the planned tour - that's a measure of how rugged and carefree our  members are! It could also point to our foolishness! If you want to go on the planned tour then it should suit you to a tee as you're planning it!

Come back for more information nearer the time (or visit the forum if you're a member).

Watch Land Rover's short film about Red Wharf Bay


Cardiff City

Photo borrowed from South Wales Classic Car Club gallery (Photographer John James)


CiC 2017Following the successful and very nearly dry Singleton Park Classic Car Show on May Day Monday, our attention now turns to the imminent Cardiff City Show! This is probably the most local show for the majority of our members, and will take place on Sunday 21 May 2017 at Cardiff City Stadium!

The show differs from other shows we visit in as much as it is set in a carpark rather than a field, but don't let this put you off - it very much gives the show a different dynamic! There's no hurry to get to the portaloos early in the day before they become exciting! Instead we have the use of the stadium's beautifully clean toilets! Better still, for those that don't like the car-show-staple of overpriced and charred burgers, it is easy to pop out of the ground and visit one of the nearby fast-food restaurants and return to the show ground. There's even a pub within a minute's walk.

What more could you ask for? Decent traction? It's a carpark, so even the most feeble one-wheel drive classics can get off the site under their own steam! (Although it does make the marquee pegs a little difficult to hammer home!).

Come along and visit us! We'll have the kettle on! 





A few weeks ago the sun came  out briefly, which can mean only one thing - Spring is here, and with it the start of the car show season! Dust off your flasks, deck-chairs and waterproofs!

KLR exhibitor facebook cover photo


South Wales Land Rover Club's application for a stand at Kelmarsh has been successful! More details to follow...



South Wales Land Rover Club are pleased to announce that you can now save money shopping online at Bearmach!

Just enter the code 'SWLRC5' when ordering online and you will receive a five percent discount! What's more, for every purchase you make, the club will receive an additional five percent cashback!

plum tree


Those attending February's meeting will have noticed one very obvious thing - we have outgrown our existing monthly venue!

New website


Our existing website has served us well for many years now, but like many of us is starting to show signs of old age, and being a little contankerous on occasions. As such, we have spent the Autumn and Winter evenings working on a replacement!

Solihull visit


Our club is very much family oriented and so it was particularly encouraging that when we visited Solihull recently we took with us something that has very much been missing on previous factory visits: a female club-member!